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Learn How to Find Best SSDs for Business Hosting

January 27th, 2015 by Privilegeserver

What is  SSDs for Business Hosting ?

A Solid-State Drive or Solid-State Disk (SSD) is nonvolatile.  The storage device is diskless and void of a drive motor.  It uses a solid-state flash memory to store persistent data.  Businesses prefer SSDs over hard disk and floppy disk drives because the items are quiet and shock-resistant.  They take less time to access and are less latent.

Retaining Data without Power

SSDs have lowered in cost throughout the years but are still more expensive than Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) bought by consumers.  Since 2014, SSDs use NAND-based flash memory.  Data is retained without power.  This guarantees that businesses are able to operate after power loss.

What Makes SSDs Sell

Some of the selling points of SSDs include their instantaneous start-up time, mega fast random access time, low latency time, consistent data transfer rate, and quiet operation.  SSDs can withstand higher temperatures and won’t rattle when something shakes or vibrates.  The circuitry is contained in the unit.  Most importantly, because there are no parts to fail mechanically, SSDs last longer than other types of drives.

What SSHDs Do for Businesses

Hybrid Drives or Solid-State Hybrid Drives (SSHDs) combine SSDs and HDDs in one unit.  It contains a large hard drive disk and a SSD cache.  This type of drive improves the performance of data that is frequently accessed by businesses.

The History of SSDs

The history of SSDs is decades old.  When vacuum-tube computers launched in the 1950s, so did auxiliary memory units like Magnetic Core Memory and Charged Capacitor Read-Only Storage (CCROS).  Since then, SSDs were part of IBM, Amdahl, and Cray supercomputers.  Companies like StorageTek, Sharp, and the SanDisk Corporation introduced their own versions of Solid-State Drives.

The Controller is a Key Component

Every SSD includes a controller.  Its job is to communicate to the host computer by bridging the NAND memory components by incorporating electronics.  The controller is what makes SSDs perform optimally.

There are a number of different functions performed by the controller.  A few important ones include Error-Correcting Code (ECC), wear leveling, bad block mapping, garbage collection, and encryption.  Read scrubbing and read disturb management as well as read and write caching are also performed by the controller.

SSDs Every Business Should Have

The best SSDs for business hosting include:

  • Samsung 850 EVO. Available is 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB, this SSD’s Samsung Magician software is only available for Windows which means that Mac, Linux, and gaming console owners aren’t able to use it.  It is perfect for small businesses, particularly those who use online services, because it boosts the performance of their computers.  The suggested retail price of the Samsung 850 EVO is considerably less than the Samsung SSD 850 Pro.
  • Samsung 850 Pro. The first of its kind to use 3D vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memory, the Samsung 850 Pro is in a league of its own.  Slightly more expensive that the SanDisk Extreme Pro, this SSD is among the best performers available.  It’s ideal for businesses who need to write huge amounts of data to the internal drive on a daily basis.  The Samsung 850 Pro has cells that are stacked up to 32 layers.  Its customized firmware and MEX controller give the drive its power.  This SSD has room for 150TB of data before it runs out of P/E cycles.  It’s impressive because it’s nearly twice the space of the SanDisk Extreme Pro.
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro. Priced to sell, this SSD comes with a 10 year warranty.  It is similar in appearance to past generations of SanDisk SSDs.  It is7mm thick, supports SATA 3 (6Gbps) interface, and works in any application with a usable SATA hard drive.  The SanDisk Extreme Pro is perfect for laptop hard drives and uses SanDisk’s Dashboard software.  Real-time diagnostics, firmware updates, and support information is available through the dashboard, making it the SSD to own.
  • Plextor M5 Pro Extreme. With a random access speed of 100,000 IOPS, the Plextor M5 Pro Extreme has faster data transfer speed than other M5 Pros.  It is compact, includes a 3.5 inch drive converter to use with desktop computers, and comes with a 5 year warranty.  The Plextor M5 Pro Extreme offers 2.4 million hours of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) which is double that of other SSDs.  This long lasting Solid-State Drive is well worth the money spent on it.
  • OCZ Vector. Every component right down to the controller on this SSD is created by OCZ.  It’s a great substitute for the Samsung 840 Pro.  The OCZ Vector is an ultrathin 7 millimeter drive with drive-bay converter.  It’s designed to fit inside of desktops, laptops, and ultrabooks.  It’s a great performer, average priced, and lengthens the battery life of portable computers like every other SSD.
  • Corsair Neutron GTX. Popular because it uses the 2.5 inch standard but is only 7mm thick, the Corsair Neutron GTX is gaining recognition as a top performing SSD.  It uses the LM87800 controller from Link A Media Devices (LAMD).  The Corsair Neutron GTX also uses Toggle Mode NAND from Toshiba.  It’s sturdy and reliable, but it does require its own cloning software if upgrading a pre-existing system’s hard drive.
  • Seagate 600. Available in 7mm and 5mm design, this versatile SSD works in desktops, laptops, ultrabooks, and possibly tablets in the future.  It’s equal to, or better than, the fastest hard drives in the market. The only downside to the Seagate 600 is that it consumes a lot of power.  It also costs considerably more than the competition.

Don’t be left in the dark with no access to the data you need to be productive and profitable.  SSDs are important to every business’ success.  By knowing what options exist, you, too, can choose the right Solid-State Drive for your business hosting needs.

The aforementioned list gives insight to what’s available for purchase now.  There are factors to consider including price, performance, and brand.  After researching SSDs further, you’ll be able to determine which is best for your business and which offer the most bang for the buck.

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SSD Server

Website hosting is famous online web hosting service which allows the companies and individuals to access their sites on the web without any difficulty. The term SSD indicates solid state drives, therefore, SSD web hosting basically indicates about the solid state drives which is utilized to enhance the access to your site that is accessible on the web. The increase in accessing speed to use your online content will persistently motivate you. There is a great difference in the speed of SSD technology as compared to HDD technology which is generally observed. Usually SSD is used when the needed or requires web space is quite less. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using the technology of SSD web hosting:

  • The key benefits of using the technology of SSD web hosting that a solid state drives are inventions of microchips. Such invented microchips are keeping the necessary information in constant chips of memory, which does not contain any moving parts. Alternatively, the straight HDD’s are invented through mechanical parts, which consume too much of power, it also control the speed of computers and can be even damaged without any difficulty. SDD’s utilize least amount of power and are much durable as it provides competent performance. As the SSD’s utilize new and powerful technology of the microchip, they are measured to be efficient and reliable.
  • Another vital benefit of using SSD web hosting is that, this technology has superior speed of data transfer. At the time you turn on your system; the time that is required to wait in finding and retrieving the files is incredibly less or even negligible. As SSD does not comprise of any moving parts, the process of data transfer is extremely quick as compared to the predictable speed of HDD’s. In the process of Web hosting, it may be observed that a particular application loads 67% quicker at the time you are using solid state drives. It provides you a wonderful idea about the dissimilarity that you can like while utilizing a solid state drive in excess of the HDD.

For business, whose survival depends upon online applications and web hosting, SSD’s plays vital role here and they are of much importance. In the terms of web servers, the option of solid state drives can be used as of their own competence and so the process of website hosting can be done faster. These sites are almost definite to get disasters such as worms, viruses, hardware crash and network failures, etc. In case, the process of solid state drives is utilized in the technology of web servers instead of HDD’s, so there are fewer possibilities for the sites or information to get this risk. Therefore, to keep away from risks while using web hosting, you must always utilize SDD’s in your web servers.

While utilizing the SSD Web hosting, extra space on the disk and superior rate of data transfer is accessible to you as compared to HDD’s. It is best for personal use and for the companies as now you can host lots of images, pages and files without any difficulty. In case your website is very busy, it would make a wide use of the processing related to server hardware. For this specific purpose, you will wish to have a consistent system of hardware as SSD’s which can manage the transfer of data which personal or business website is having without any difficulty.

Improved reliability and safety

Improved Security Storing of your information on the HDD server, then personal or business website is facing a great risk of losing the necessary information. As is recognized, even single slight exploitation can spoil to the important data. SSD does not have any moving parts therefore it is very important to keep your data secure. The hard drive reaches at the stage of life end and crashes; your information gets lost, but at the time when SSD reaches at the stage of end of life, it does not completely crash, instead SSD stops further writing, but the entire contained information will be safe and easily accessible.

SSDs can perfectly work in very low or high temperatures. As it is carefully tested, most of the SSDs can completely function in the -20 to 85 degrees Celsius temperatures. By contrast, the temperatures more than 35 degrees Celsius can cut down the overall life of hard disk and the consistency will be negotiated at the stage of about 55 degrees temperatures. In addition, SSD is available with the skill to be defiant to vibration and shock because they have not any moving parts, thus they are capable to survive even from the life threatening earthquakes. In nutshell, using SSD’s in your web servers for the process of website hosting is of significant importance.

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How to Choose A Web Hosting Service

January 15th, 2013 by Privilegeserver

When you have decided to create a website for your business, it’s crucial to choose a good web hosting service. There are many companies that offer web hosting services and the question that many ask is how to choose the best web hosting service providers.

To ensure that you chose a reputable web service provider, below are some pointers that can guide you into making a good decision

  1. 1.Before choosing a web hosting company, check your requirements first. Depending on what your website will be used for, keep in mind what you are looking for and what you require your website to have. If you are just playing around and making a website for your friends or relatives, consider free hosting services. If you want to create a website for a business a good web hosting company should be chosen. Decide the features that you would like your website to have and check whether the company provides those features.
  2. You can choose to implement shared hosting which is a situation where you get to share a server with several other websites. If you want a personal website or a website for a small to medium business choosing a provider that offers shared hosting will get you the service at a lower cost.
  3. The bandwidth the company will provide. Bandwidth is the amount of data that your hosting company will provide for you and your users. Web hosting companies allow a specific amount of data depending on the needs for your website. If your website is for a large organization that requires much uploading and downloading of data, chose providers that will allow as much bandwidth as you will require.
  4.  The cost. When choosing a web hosting company chose a company that offers their services at a lower price without compromising quality. There are many companies that you can choose from and it’s important to do some research to determine the provider with cheap hosting services. Web hosting services will charge differently based on their location and user requirements.
  5.  File size and type limitations. Some providers limit the amount of files you can upload on your site. If your business requires that you upload huge documents chose a web hosting provider that allows that. The type of file that can be uploaded can also be restricted by some providers .Some providers may allow uploading of html or jpeg and restrict uploading of videos and you have to look for a provider that won’t give you limits that may affect your requirements.
  6. 5. Speed of access and reliability. Choose service providers who will ensure that your website is always up and running. This is extremely important as choosing a provider that is not reliable may cost you customers as people get discouraged when they visit a website that is too slow or that keeps on disconnecting.

When choosing a web hosting service provider, take it as a serious project as a provider’s service can either help you achieve the goals the website was meant for or make you lose business if their services are bad.

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Cloudflare Enabled Hosting

January 19th, 2012 by Privilegeserver

Cloudflare enabled Hosting from Privilegeserver Hosting is creating new niche in the world of Internet. Cloudflare is basically a system which acts the role of a proxy server between the visitors and the servers of the web hosting company. It features a caching role, so any repetitive requests are not necessarily given to the server when the cache can provide the content that is being sought after. To understand Cloudflare enabled Hosting from Privilegeserver one need to know about shared hosting, privilegeserver shared hosting, and Cloudfare hosting features.

Why Cloudflare Enabled Hosting ?

There are several advantages of enabling Cloudflare, from the perspective of Privilegeserver shared hosting. For instance, your site’s performance is greatly improved, especially due to the effective caching which enables familiar pages to load faster. As such, visitors to your site receive what they want much faster. Ultimately, the chance of them coming back again is increased, because of the speed at which they received the information sought for. Additionally, Cloudflare enables browsing without any established internet connections. How does this happen? When there is no communication line between your computer and the Internet, Cloudflare gets whatever information it can from the cache. The more the web pages cached the more effective the offline browsing becomes.

The Cloudflare system also plays a rather protective role, as it warns visitors whose computers are infected that they need to clean out their system to avoid problems down the road. The system does not deny access to any site, but it does make entering captcha a prerequisite to accessing the sites and as far as security goes, the Cloudflare system provides protection from threats and attacks. It’s very important that your site has protection from malicious threats arising from any third party sources so that it remains accessible and safe all the time. Finally, Cloudflare system can provide you with the statistics detailing how well your website is performing. This such as the amount of traffic the site handles in a day is shared, together with information regarding to things such as the ease of search engine crawlers to navigate through your website.

Cloudflare enabled Hosting from Privilegeserver- does Cloudlare has any shortcomings?

Cloudflare has a few shortcomings but none of them is too big. For instance, since Cloudflare insists on caching, it might not necessarily recognize changes made on the website if it uses the cached pages to meet the visitor requests. This can be overcome by switching to development mode while you are updating content on your website. Also the system is unable to handle SSL certificates. Regardless of the limitations that Cloudflare enabled hosting has, it is still a great system to have at your disposal. It improves many aspects of the website, and that alone suffices in justifying its usage.

Privilegeserver is a hosting company that provides affordable web hosting solutions for those who are in the process of creating their own websites. It ideally focused on small and medium-businesses looking to create an online presence, Privilegeserver provides competitive hosting solutions, ensuring their hosting packages are as comprehensive and as affordable as possible. The company aims at meeting the diverse needs that its clientele has, giving as much support as needed to ensure that said clientele is happy about the hosting provided.

One outstanding thing about Privilegeserver is the amount of work the company puts in creating an innovative control panel interface. For someone who is getting hosting for the first time, the company makes it easier for them to understand the workings of their hosting accounts, and how to make changes, should they be desired. Continuous support is provided by the hosting company, so for any forks you meet in the road, there will be someone available to point you on the right direction. Additionally, Privilegeserver offers affordable web hosting, with the uptime rated at 99.99%.


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Choosing Best Shared Hosting

June 12th, 2011 by Privilegeserver

Anyone who wants to build a website for whatever reason must know the steps that they have to take.  One of the first and most important steps that have to be taken is the finding good hosting.  Web hosting comes in a variety of different flavours.  Customers have the option of choosing a plan that fits their specific needs. 

There are several different companies online that offer to provide a home for your website.  Some may be better than others so it’s always crucial to have a good idea about what you need.  This will make it easier for you when it’s time to actually go out and start shopping.  The more familiar you are with you need the better more effective your search will be. 

There are some crucial things to think about when shopping for web hosting.  Things like bandwidth and storage are just two things among many others that are essential elements of good webhosting.  Depending on the individual and what he or she is trying to do-other things might be necessary.  Things like scripts can be added to give the website more capabilities.  Scripts are basically programs that can be run within the website and perform specific tasks.  Some scripts enable website owners to sell things from their site.  These types of scripts handle things like processing credit cards, set up and present items for sale, as well as track sales.  Price also must be considered in the equation.  If the price of hosting is too high, it will be harder for the website owner to profit from his or her site.  Just like any other type of business it’s important to keep overhead costs as low as possible. 

Some of the best hosting companies are the ones that cater to the needs of their customers while providing great service, and customer support.  It’s not enough for a company to simply offer services, and then leave the customer to figure the rest out on their own.  A good company will provide their customers with answers to their questions, and help them solve problems whenever they arise.  There are a lot of times where problems will arise that the customer doesn’t know how to handle.  This is where good customer support comes in.  Time is money so good customer support is important because it can save you time. 

Shopping for hosting should be an easy and painless process.  All that’s needed is a little research and some shopping around.  The internet is a good place to start whenever you’re. You can get a huge list of leads just by doing a web search.  The search engine results will provide you with millions of leads that you can check into further. 

Hosting is an essential part of owning a website.  Without hosting there can be no website.  Decent hosting isn’t hard to find if you know where to go to get it.  However; you can get lost in the mix and become confused.  The way to avoid this is to inform yourself as much as possible-before you start shopping.

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Finding The Right Web Hosting Package

December 6th, 2010 by Privilegeserver

After setting up the website, you will have to find a web hosting plan to host that website. The website will remain offline and will not come online until you have hosted it with some host. This is a critical step and you must be careful while making this selection.

There are hundreds of web hosting packages and one needs to find the right one. There is no doubt that finding the right package can be difficult at times. If you make a mistake and pick the wrong hosting package, you are really going to suffer. It can even ruin your online business.

There are few things which you need to consider before choosing a hosting package. You will have to make sure that it meets all the needs of your business. You will also have to make sure that it fulfills the needs of the future potential of your business. You will also have to make sure that the cost and the benefit are well balanced. If the cost that you are paying is way too high then you are not going to get cost effectiveness. Similarly if the cost is too low then the quality of the services provided would be below regular standards and your online business will suffer. So make sure that you are going into the details before making any real decision.

It is particularly difficult for the novice webmasters to choose the right plan. This is due to the lack of experience and understanding of the market. If you happen to be one, then make sure that you are paying more attention to the details and are reading the things between the lines. Do not just trust the ads which the hosting companies always ensure to be attractive.

Remember that the most important thing is to shortlist the available packages and then select the one that you want to go with. This would be a little difficult as there are hundreds of people advertising their hosting to be the best. Also, the features are almost same with every good package. So what would be the deciding point?

Do a simple thing. List down all the pros and cons of the packages which have qualified to make it to your final list. Then watch their cost and features. That is the time when you can decide about the final decision. Watching the cost against the benefit would give you a good starting point.

One last thing which you should consider is the languages and the platforms that the packages are supporting. If a web hosting package does not support the programming language that you are going to use, then there is no point in bringing that package to your final list. Also look for the supported operating systems and data bases. Without the proper support for these things, you can not expect to run a smooth business. The package should not only be cost effective but should also have complete support for your programming languages and data base.

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