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Cloudflare Enabled Hosting

January 19th, 2012 by Privilegeserver

Cloudflare enabled Hosting from Privilegeserver Hosting is creating new niche in the world of Internet. Cloudflare is basically a system which acts the role of a proxy server between the visitors and the servers of the web hosting company. It features a caching role, so any repetitive requests are not necessarily given to the server when the cache can provide the content that is being sought after. To understand Cloudflare enabled Hosting from Privilegeserver one need to know about shared hosting, privilegeserver shared hosting, and Cloudfare hosting features.

Why Cloudflare Enabled Hosting ?

There are several advantages of enabling Cloudflare, from the perspective of Privilegeserver shared hosting. For instance, your site’s performance is greatly improved, especially due to the effective caching which enables familiar pages to load faster. As such, visitors to your site receive what they want much faster. Ultimately, the chance of them coming back again is increased, because of the speed at which they received the information sought for. Additionally, Cloudflare enables browsing without any established internet connections. How does this happen? When there is no communication line between your computer and the Internet, Cloudflare gets whatever information it can from the cache. The more the web pages cached the more effective the offline browsing becomes.

The Cloudflare system also plays a rather protective role, as it warns visitors whose computers are infected that they need to clean out their system to avoid problems down the road. The system does not deny access to any site, but it does make entering captcha a prerequisite to accessing the sites and as far as security goes, the Cloudflare system provides protection from threats and attacks. It’s very important that your site has protection from malicious threats arising from any third party sources so that it remains accessible and safe all the time. Finally, Cloudflare system can provide you with the statistics detailing how well your website is performing. This such as the amount of traffic the site handles in a day is shared, together with information regarding to things such as the ease of search engine crawlers to navigate through your website.

Cloudflare enabled Hosting from Privilegeserver- does Cloudlare has any shortcomings?

Cloudflare has a few shortcomings but none of them is too big. For instance, since Cloudflare insists on caching, it might not necessarily recognize changes made on the website if it uses the cached pages to meet the visitor requests. This can be overcome by switching to development mode while you are updating content on your website. Also the system is unable to handle SSL certificates. Regardless of the limitations that Cloudflare enabled hosting has, it is still a great system to have at your disposal. It improves many aspects of the website, and that alone suffices in justifying its usage.

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